Wierd Spring weather and new cards

April 16, 2022

Computers and I have a love hate relationship. This is my second time posting this. Hopefully there won't be a third. Though, you know what they say. Anyway, this new collage/mixed media piece was really fun to make.

Exciting because I got all my new beautiful giclee cards printed on bamboo stock. YAY! And then what to do with all the old cards? I started cutting them up and using them as the flowers in this new work. Flowers! My early flowers have been gorgeous this year, having planted new bulbs last fall. And now waiting for this fantastic spring /winter storm to pass so I can plant my dahlia corms. I've also had our workers take out the back lawn and put in new raised beds from metal water/feed tubs. It looks fantastic!! But we do need the rain and snow, Southern Oregon is a few inches below the water we need every year. Way below. Which is worrying for another bad fire season. When oh when will we as a world realize we have to do something about global climate change??? Sadly, I'm not hopeful.

But I'm not going there. At least not in this blog. Getting back to my cards, I will post a few of them at a time. Many of the cards already posted have just been reprinted into a prettier version of themselves. Others are brand new. And I've been doing original collage cards to sell at the Crooked Mile Gallery, Phoenix, Oregon, where my paintings and cards are for sale. I'm also going to be showing in the Pollinator Project of the Rogue Valley at the Catalyst art Gallery, in Ashland, in the building where the Ashland Art Center used to be.