In my work I like to keep in mind the artistic approach of Georgia O'Keefe:
she says, "I have but one desire as an artist - to paint as I see, in my own way, without regard for the opinions and judgements of others.?
After 30 yrs of writing and 4 books of poetry - I quit! My head and heart
ached from so many words. And as a woman, I detested the words submission
and rejection. I still do. However, I must say, I am still in love with poetry - the
spicy verse, the delicious, thick, juicy stanzas. Now I savor those qualities in
colors and textures of paint.

My studio faces the forest and hills - home to red-tail hawks, vultures, foxes,
and swallows- those amazing, freewheeling artists of wind. Nature helps gentle
me into the timelessness of silence, glides me into the mystery of mysteries. And, like sex- carries me to the core of sensations. No definitions. No shoulds.
As I quiet, the canvas opens up to possibilities. And when I get stuck, I step away,
turn to the joys of painting flowers and bouquets.

This pandemic has been horrible However the isolation has been excellent for
my painting. Stepping into my studior takes a bit of courage. For me it's like
stepping off a cliff edge and hoping the muse will rise up to meet me.
My quest is to allow a sense of wonder, joy and playfullness to come through
my work, a sense of honesty.

Click on the images, and they will open to more information. All  paintings are available in limited edition giclee prints on request.  If you don't see what you want, please contact me. Each print is inspected to ensure the image has the feel and essence of the original artwork. The image is centered with a white boarder. Only ultrachrome HD pigmented inks on Bamboo, Hemp or Agave - ecofriendly fine art paper - is used.

Artist Statement

Making art is a mysterious journey. Each time I pick up a brush and stare at a blank canvas, it is like taking a step over a cliff and trusting a stepping stone will appear under my feet.I try not to grab onto anything, at first, but let the colors and textures rise up out of the canvas. It is a different way of seeing and listening to possibility.

My goal is to have fun, no judgements, no mistakes, be patient. I like bold, pure colors. Lush images. I like scrapping and marking and mixing things up. Or painting over another painting.  If it starts to feel like work I take a break. When I take my time, the Muse is kind and guides me to what is going on in my heart, not my head. And what I need appears, feeling, truly, like a magical gift.