Thank you for visiting my website. Art is mysterious. Each artist developes their own creative process. I have come to celebrate seeing in the world in different ways and waiting for an image to be revealed.

To circumvent judgement I fool the ego into getting out of the way.  Focus turns to shards of reds, blues, yellows, light and shadow, the excitement of being lost.  Hopefully I relax into an empty place, where I can embrace a spirit of play and curiosity.

At the West Coast Falconry Center, I was able to experience flying a Harris Hawk. It was, otherworldly, placing oneself out of time and definitions. My mind filled with wind, light, sharpness, shadow, clouds; flight. It is that inherent grace of aliveness and the dropping away of the need to know what's next, I look for in painting. And the courage to leap into the unknowable.

All of my paintings are available in limited edition giclee prints on request. Each print has been inspected to ensure the image has the feel and essence of the original artwork. The image is centered with a white boarder. Only ultrachrome HD pigmented inks on Bamboo, Hemp or Agave, ecofriendly fine art paper, is used.

Artist Statement

Making art is a mysterious journey. Each time I pick up a brush and stare at a blank canvas, it is like taking a step over a cliff and trusting a stepping stone will appear under my feet.I try not to grab onto anything, at first, but let the colors and textures rise up out of the canvas. It is a different way of seeing and listening to possibility.

My goal is to have fun, no judgements, no mistakes, be patient. I like bold, pure colors. Lush images. I like scrapping and marking and mixing things up. Or painting over another painting.  If it starts to feel like work I take a break. When I take my time, the Muse is kind and guides me to what is going on in my heart, not my head. And what I need appears, feeling, truly, like a magical gift.