Nov. 13th, Friday, 2020

November 13, 2020

I've been editing some of my painting titles and came upon " It's taken me forever to find my Resplendent Quetzal". This was a spiritual quest. Perhaps one that is still ongoing. In Mexico, the Quetzal plays an important role in Mesoamerican mythology. It is the National bird of Guatemala. Its image is found on the country's flag and coat of arms.The Quetzal is considered divine. Its iridescent green tail feathers symbols for spring, of goodness and light. The Maya also viewed the quetzal as a symbol of freedom and wealth, due to their view of quetzals dying in captivity. And the value of their feathers. The Quetzal was considered a spirit guide(nahual). It is thought that when you need strength to keep going, or you need the understanding and love of people you are close to, or you need the confidence to face something, it is the spirit of The Resplendent Quetzal that you pray to.

I didn't know of this bird until I started painting the prints of the original into several different works. I saw the Quetzal in a book of rare birds and it seemed just right.

I've never gone into organized religions, persay, but have always felt a deep connection to all living things. I was a spiritual searcher. However, from an early age I felt a kinship with the native american people, their connection and respect of and to nature. I don't think I've ever stopped searching, wondering, being awed by nature and, what seems to me, to be and exact duplication of patterns and living structures in nature and, really, the universe.

This work, is one of several that I did this series. "It Took Me Forever the Find the Make of My Being", being the original, and then using the ghost prints to find the others.

As I look out onto the stormy, November weather today, I'm surprised that the golden leaves of the oaks are still clinging to the branches. The golden-orange

leaves give such a magnificent glow to the air, it takes my breath. May you be blessed with this golden glow that it may replenish you soul. And may the Quetzal give you the strength to face any challenges with confidence and light.